Crawford Memorial - 3.5" Decal

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In Memory of the Crawford Family

3.5"x3.5" Adhesive Decal


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My Story -


In 2002 Jimmie would ultimately collide into me and my family's life via off-road dirt bike racing in New Mexico known as NMDRC. He would be joining his long time friend and best friends brother Andy Lake of whom Andy was working with my family in Las Cruces while attending College. As many know, Jimmie was quite passionate about twisting the throttle on his dirt bike with all of us. He quickly became part of the "racing" family as he battled it out with my dad (DJ) at Jimmie's very first race, the Cuba 100. Inching DJ out by a few feet at the very end; we had to know who this guy was as it was customary that the race was typically over as you come in the last stretch. This was not the case for Jimmie as it reflected everything he pursued in life as giving 150% and having an enthusiasm about things that few could ever mimic. More excited than a little school girl, Jimmie ripped off his helmet and immediately approached DJ to congratulate him on an awesome battle and what he claimed at the time as the MOST EXCITING thing he has ever done. Jimmie was hooked into racing and soon became a regular and soon became part of the family race team. Every time Jimmie got off of his bike he claimed it was the MOST EXCITING time he has ever had. We would travel across the state and meet up for numerous races, weekends riding at different locations, and Jimmie would frequently visit us in Las Cruces where he wasn't just "race" family anymore. He truly became family and become a brother to myself, a punk teenager that Jimmie loved to give a hard time about anything and every stereotypical teenage quirk. From girls, to being scrawny, even being "addicted" to our phones was up for grabs with Jimmie, which we came to love and provided constant laughter among us all. Let me tell you though, the day Jimmie sent his first text opened the door for some much much needed redemption and he too soon became "addicted" to his phone that we would never let him live down. Awe sweet victory as it came full circle! Jimmie was just as great at receiving the rashings as he would dish them out. Jimmie also had such a way of telling stories that would leave everyone in stitches or so excited that it was hard not to just sit back and listen. Over the years, I was fortunate to continue racing with Jimmie, vacation to spots like Moab Utah, Glamis California, Del Norte Colorado, and all over the state of New Mexico. I was blessed with working with Jimmie during summers where he instilled great work ethics within me, and truly got to spend some amazing time with him. The addition of Melissa and her two boys, Dylan and Logan, captivated Jimmie and brought out even more of the greatness that he was. I was very privileged to be a part of their wedding as I just happened to have a camera with me and quickly turned into the pseudo backup photographer to capture that day for the both of them. Not too long after, watching Jimmie transform from the Jimmie we all knew to Jimmie the father was an amazing thing to see and be a part of. The addition of Grant and Chace gleamed happiness in Jimmie and Melissa's eyes more than ever. At this time Jimmie and the family didn't make it to too many of the races, but the few they did were cherished times and you best believe that if you were in the Farmington/Durango area we would all try our hardest to visit. It is not often that we are blessed with the presence of a family such as the Crawfords, nor do we recognize their impact on us, on who we are, and who we will become. I am blessed to not have only had them within my life, but was able to and always will call the Crawfords family. It is a bitter sweet privilege to provide the little that I can do with these decals and to try and give back something to the continuation of the family! 


Thank you for your contribution and I hope these will inspire even more stories to be shared, memories to be remembered, and reminder of how we can all be just a little bit more like this beautiful family that impacted all of our lives.


Matt Jonasson


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